Hoop Quest Culture

Hoop Quest Culture

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Team Tournaments provide a premier stage for elementary, middle, and high school student-athletes to compete and display their basketball prowess to fans, college coaches, and scouts.

Hoop Quest runs grassroots sporting events that offer high octane competition in various sports, unparalleled exposure to college coaches and scouting services.

Camps offer top quality training, competition, and potential interaction with multiple camps throughout the country.

No matter the position, if you’re a dedicated athlete our camps will enhance your game. Hoop Quest offers holiday and summer basketball camps which assist in taking your game to the next level!

Our Promise

PQSports is dedicated to providing a platform for youth basketball throughout the world. From sporting and college exposure to mentorship, we strive to make a positive impact on student-athlete lives.

We serve as one of the premier sports providers for boys and girls basketball in the Southeast. PQSports hosts sanctioned AAU, USSSA, NCAA certified, High/Middle School, Leagues and College sporting events. One of our biggest successes is the opportunity to partner with the local community; we are able to provide instructional camps and individual exposure showcases for student-athletes.

Pq Sports Benefits